What I need to know first

To create first project and create workflow for that project, You first need to have set up this things:

1. Departments

To create project workflow, You first need to add employees who will work on that project. And departments are basic organization unit for employees in Asario Manager. When You add new employee in Asario Manager You need to select in which department he belongs. So, before You You add employees in Asario Manager, You first need to add departments. One more reason why You need to add departments before You start to work with projects is because all operation and operation interrupts are grouped by departmens. So, You can't add new operation or operation interrupts before You have departments.

2. Employees

Logical, employees will work on projects and tasks, so You need to add employees before You create Your first project workflow. 😀

3. Machines

In production facilities, almost all tasks and operation will be done on some tools or machines. When You add operation in Asario Manager, You have option to relate that operation with some machine. Of course, You can relate more operation with same machine. On this way, every time when some employee start to work on some operation, You will know which machine he used. Also, on this way, You can track how many hours some machine is used, who used it, on which projects... For this reason, it would be great that You have added machines in moment when You add new operation and to relate that new operation with some machine. Of course, this is optional, and You need to relate new operation with machine if You don't want that.

4. Operations

Operations are process (tasks) which employees works in production. For example, if You produce office desks, painting that desk would be one operation. In Asario Manager, operations together with products are basic of every project.

5. Operation interrupts

In every production process, production can be stoped for some reason. For example, because machine is broken or missing of raw material... In Asario Manager, You can predefined all reasons why You expect that Your production can be stoped. That are operation interrupts. Of course, predefinding this interrupts is optional. But using of Asario's operation interrupts provide You better tracking of production and better tracking of project status.

6. Products

Products in Asario Manager can be anything what You want. For example that can be Your final products, Your services, or some third party products which You use in Your production. If You produce furniture Your products will be: desk, cheer, bed...It is posible create project workflow without products, but products provide You much better organization of You production